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We are not rocket scientists, but we know how you can rocket your audience engagement.

Dr Marko Košiček

I am a biochemist and science communicator. And yes, I can help you (even non-native speakers) communicate science. And why? Because I have been in your shoes.

I have broad experience in science communication, including 9 years at the Croatian national TV, and several years in political communication. I received my PhD in biochemistry from the Faculty of Natural Sciences in Zagreb. As a science communicator and educator, I share my passion for science and research and bring science communication to the point.

I have participated in numerous popularization activities, TV shows and events, including the Science Festival, Science Picnic, and European Researchers’ Night. I also host the science program ‘Third Element’ on Croatian National TV (HRT3). I founded the Society for Out-Of-Frame Education and was a long-time member of the organizing committee for the Summer School of Science for high school students. In 2014, I was co-awarded the State Award for Popularization and Science Promotion.

I know how difficult it can be to communicate one’s research to the public and the media. I have experienced many challenges in this area. As a science communicator, I have made it my mission to help aspiring scientists and students along the way and improve science communication. My goal is to help you learn how to get your story out into the world.

Petra Buljević Zdjelarević

I am a trained media and communications professional and have been helping researchers reach their target audiences since 2009.

I know that after years of research, it can be difficult to make scientific findings interesting to the general public and reporters. My job is to turn these complex topics, numbers, formulas, and all other types of scientific data into content and messages that are understandable and engaging for both the public and the media while making sure they understand why that particular research is important. I have been in the field for more than 13 years and have experience in internal and external communications, reputation management, social media and media relations, and event and project management.

I have worked as a communications consultant for several EU-funded projects, focusing on project branding and media campaigns to optimize project objectives. I am a member of the national communication teams for international science and research projects such as EUROfusion and AI4Health.Cro.

Whether it’s training students or researchers on how to communicate with the public and the media, or working on large international projects at the consortium level, I love taking on challenging communication tasks. That’s also one of the reasons I love doing workshops and communication trainings because you can see the impact of your work immediately. Plus, there’s nothing better than sharing your knowledge with others. So, if you have a difficult communication situation, I can help you figure out how to rocket your audience by upgrading your communication skills, messages and content creation, social media, networking, and more.

The workshop invitation arrived just when I was reflecting on my presentation and communication skills. It made me aware of some of my mistakes beforehand. The workshop motivated me to become active on social networks so I posted a work highlight on LinkedIn, which yielded impressive results in terms of increased engagement. I’m considering expanding to Twitter as well. Overall, the workshop helped me tremendously with media communication and social networking.

Ivo Crnolatac, PhD, 2022





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We are not rocket scientists, but we know how you can rocket your audience engagement.

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