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Who we are

We are not rocket scientists, but we know how you can rocket your audience engagement.

We’ve been in the science communication business for years and we’ve seen it all. From TV appearances to scientific papers, we’ve helped researchers communicate their work in the most effective way possible. We can train you, too. Let’s meet.

What we do

We train you to get your messages across.

We work with students and researchers at all levels, from undergraduate level up to professors, as well as journalism and science communications students. Our workshops will teach you how to maximize your impact with the media, how to get scientific information across so it’s understood by everyone, and how to use social media effectively. Whether it’s a one-day workshop or several sessions over one semester, we can provide tailor-made training sessions for your institution or department that are designed specifically for the needs of your group – so they can be adjusted according to your requirements. Read about our workshops and contact us if you think we can help you improve your communication skills. Remember it’s not rocket science you just need to learn how.

Our latest workshops

TV Camera: fight or flight?

Pretty much everyone who has made a presentation knows how it feels to face a camera. It’s a nerve-racking experience.

How to write about science?

The workshop is based on the assumption that science has become an important part of modern society and that many journalists are interested in scientific topics.

Let’s do the tweets!

Social media is a powerful tool for communicating science research. But what’s the best way to use it?

Conferences Showcase

European Summer School on Science Communication

July 2023

Workshop: TV camera – fight or flight?
Lecture: Mainstream Media: Should I Stay or Should I go?

Open Science Communication 2022

November 2022

Workshop: Workshop: TV camera – fight or flight?

The 9th Conference on Scholarly Communication in the Context of Open Science PUBMET2022

September 2022 | University of Zadar, Croatia

Workshop: How to reach a broader audience for your research

What our clients say about us

The workshop has been very beneficial for me. I applied the constructive tips and tricks I got at the workshop at a congress and received high praise for both the visual aspects and the clarity of my speech. The workshop helped me approach my work in a more organized way, leading to potential collaborations and increased confidence in non-expert presentations. Additionally, I discovered the value of Twitter for staying informed. Thank you for the encouragement! I have nothing but praise for the workshop! Your competence and enthusiasm are evident, and they are the key factors that made the course successful for me. I learned a lot and even discovered some new things about myself. It was not only informative but also enjoyable. Keep up the great work, and I’ll definitely recommend it to others!

Lada Jovović, PhD student

Every part of the training was useful for me. You conveyed the theoretical aspects in a pleasant and instructive way and gave clear guidelines for the tasks ahead. The practical exercises made me aware of what I was doing well and in which areas I needed to improve. The camera exercises were definitely the most challenging for me, but they also remain the most enjoyable in my memory. The exercises we went through with you opened my eyes to my own research and allowed me to see it from a new, simplified perspective. Thank you for teaching me how to communicate my research story in a fun way. I feel like this experience will guide me in a significant way on my PhD journey. The adventure begins!

Sara Marijan, PhD student

The workshop invitation arrived just when I was reflecting on my presentation and communication skills. It made me aware of some of my mistakes beforehand. The workshop motivated me to become active on social networks so I posted a work highlight on LinkedIn, which yielded impressive results in terms of increased engagement. I’m considering expanding to Twitter as well. Overall, the workshop helped me tremendously with media communication and social networking.

Ivo Crnolatac, PhD, 2022





Rocket Your Audience

We are not rocket scientists, but we know how you can rocket your audience engagement.

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